filming on the Upper West Side

Making of the Ex Mermaid Teen Rehab Movie

entrance to ex mermaid rehab

The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids presents a fashion film to tell the story of the Ex Mermaid: a rare type of human girl who was once a mermaid.  She’s the muse and motivation behind the brand. The concept of The Ex Mermaid Teen Rehabilitation Facility of New York City follows a washed up ex mermaid (played by Anastasia Standrik) on her journey through rehabilitation to life on legs. Overseen by a mysterious mistress (played by Carole Garber), her education to the human world includes human food, pedicures, and making friends. Not every mermaid will graduate and get her ‘Probation Department’ sweatshirt. Some will never be able to forget the sea. 
It was great to work with Peter Koloff and Iris Pan for the video production since they can both hustle and have a sense of practicality even while creating a dream.  
“Creating the storyline, concept, and clothing for the ex mermaid movie felt like distilling the essence of the’s not about one season of clothing, but about the spirit of being between two worlds, of being ex mermaid. This project allowed me to create clothes for this girl including the couture dress for her to wash-up in, as well as the ‘institutional issued’ Probation sweatshirts and the glittery little city clothes. And it’s still just the beginning.” – Francki Michels, Designer/ Founder

Now accepting all Ex Mermaids in the NYC area: The Ex Mermaid Teen Rehabilitation Facility film

See some of the raw film here: BTS

All Fashion: The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids by Francki Michels
Film by Peter Koloff and Iris Pan of BlackDotCreative
Ex Mermaids:
Ex Mermaid Mistress: Carole Garber
Hair and Make Up: Juan Carlos Salazar
Styling: Alex Vinash
 btsBeach2 BTSRehab1 BTSRehab2 btsRehab7BTSRehab3   btsRehab8  bts10MovieStill1BTSRehab6MovieStill2   
Model Victoria

25 Questions with Victoria Cwalinska

We love Victoria! She walked in The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids Fall 2016 Fashion show in February and we just had to book a shoot with her. You can  find her All Over our site, wearing Ex Mermaid. We asked her 25 questions, and she answered ...

Ex Mermaid featured on cover of Dreamingless UK

Ex Mermaid Featured in Dreamingless Magazine UK

The Concept: What is ordinary in one world is extraordinary in another setting. The idea of the Ex Mermaid is that she comes from somewhere else and she carries a magic  which seems average to her, but makes her an exceptional being in our world. I...

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