Let Them Eat Wifi

The Ex Mermaid Fashion Show for Spring/ Summer ’18 Fashion show took place on September 16th close to 9th avenue in New York City. The venue was so crowded that many guests did not get in the door and so the models walked the finale and kept going right on out the front door and down the sidewalk to give everyone a show!

On the Runway

The runway started with the ominous prelude music of the Netflix series, West World. The first model stepped out to Lizzo’s “Where The H**L My Phone”,  closing to Leikeli’s “Attitude”. It was a sound track that pointed in the direction of our addiction and indifference to the social media, tech, and screen invasion of our world. An army green satin faille dress had the Ex Mermaid glitter logo crookedly applied across the bodice. Worn with a bambi printed, Holly Hobbie sized bonnet, and long, pink, rubber tentacles over the hands, the whole effect was a little bit creepy, a little bit adorable. The slogan “Let Them Eat Wifi” and ‘Manic Pixel Dream Girl” featured on crop sweatshirts as well as along the hem of a satin, floral skirt. The Marie Antoinette reference appeared also in the finale look. A reworked set of overalls, stuffed to make the silhouette of M.A. playing the country girl in her desperate effort towards the simple life on her exquisite, faux farm. Parallels were identified between Marie Antoinette’s Le Petit Trianon to current ‘tech detoxing’ and off-grid trends.

The Vision

The collection considers the excess of the internet which converts our world into pixels, equalizing the greatest achievements of art and film in the blink of a meme, elevating the antics of kittens, and hollowing out Proust, all to become a common, flat horizon of consumable content, to be feasted upon by a new species. The girl that inhabits this world, where screens are no longer distinguished as dividing real and non-real experiences, has an enormous amount of information from every age and corner of culture at her disposal and she uses it lightly, to amuse her, to adorn her, to be the ladder that brings her further out of the ugly, boring, raw world. She is the Manic Pixel Dream Girl, and when the sharp edges of the real world intrude, she puts a new filter over her profile photo and echoing that decadent queen, she says with a delicate swipe of her wrist, “Let Them Eat Wifi”. 

An amusing rave of color, military print, neon, and fluffy florals are mixed together in the fevered spirit of those reliant on the thrum of distraction and the insatiable need to scroll ever downwards. 

The internet was used in the creation of this collection.

See For Yourself

by Francki Michels, designer The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids
‘Let Them Eat Wifi’ Copyright The Secret Society of Ex Mermaids, 2017

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fashion show photorunway photos   Let Them Eat Wifi


Videography, video production and editing by Peter Koloff of Black Dot Creative



With Special Thanks to:

Street Fashion Week and New York Institute of Beauty, Americana Models, Mazza Models, 3BBM, and BMG models.

Models: Jennifer Rubio, Nadja Bruch, Eva Wagner, Skylar Ruppe, Mei Li Zheng, Candace Lam, Magne Ndiaye, Ashanti Dixon, Rachel Flynn, Camryn Uhlig, Mary Leggett, Aida Rex, Sarina Katelin, Mariya Waugh

Fashion Assistants: Megan O’Cain and Shanice Brown

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