Ex Mermaid featured on cover of Dreamingless UK

Ex Mermaid Featured in Dreamingless Magazine UK

The Concept

What is ordinary in one world is extraordinary in another setting. The idea of the Ex Mermaid is that she comes from somewhere else and she carries a magic  which seems average to her, but makes her an exceptional being in our world. It can also make her an awkward being in our world. Even so, the magic is not diminished. This one is for all of you magical, awkward, and perfect Ex Mermaids…

The Team

The photography was done by Austin Combs. The photoshopping was done by Francki Michels. Our extraordinary model was Laura Arumugam. Makeup and hair crimping by Frankie Padron.

Published in Dreamingless magazine UK Issue 31

Look and look closer.


Ex Mermaid featured in Dreamingless Fashion Magazine UK


filming on the Upper West Side

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